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Questions for Living: Thirsty?

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August 28, 2016

Ordination and Installation of Elders and Deacons

Questions for Living:  Understand?

John 3:1-17

The Rev. Dr. Robert Shettler


Please join us at 8:30 a.m. in the Chapel with Communion or at 10:55 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Nursery care is available from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for families attending worship.


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The worship service is on a one week delay each Sunday from 9-10 a.m. on WMYG Cox Channel 11.
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Free parking is available in our big lot, in the grass lot just to the east of the big lot, behind the Salon Syx building to the west of our lot and on the first floor of the Continuum. Free street parking is also available with a parking pass from the city. A pass and a map of the available spaces is available at the church office. Using these alternate parking spaces first will leave our parking lot available for guests. 

Louisiana Flood Relief

Thank you for considering ways to give to help Louisiana Flood Relief. Here are some details on the ways to give we mentioned in church last Sunday:

 1.       Pray. So many families have great needs – physical, financial, emotional, spiritual. Please be in prayer in the days ahead for those affected directly and those who are working to meet their needs. Pray that the church will be the church – that Human Needs will be met in the name of Jesus so that God is Glorified and that people become Disciples of Jesus Christ. As well, pray for those who already have a relationship with Christ – that they will receive encouragement. 

2.       Adopt a Louisiana Family – As we mentioned, a friend of ours started this Facebook page to connect people with families in need. You can search through the families and find a family whose needs you can meet. If you can’t meet all of their needs, that is okay. Also consider partnering with friends or co-workers to meet a family’s needs -  https://www.facebook.com/adoptalouisianafamily/  

3.       Donate New Queen and King sheet sets – many families lost all of their belongings, including linens. We are collecting New Queen and King sheet sets to deliver to families in the next few weeks. You can bring New Queen and King sheet sets this coming Sunday, August 28 (there will be boxes set up to drop them off). We will take our first shipment of items Labor Day Weekend, September 1 – 5. 

4.       Give financially. We are partnering with several churches in Baton Rouge to support their relief work. Help us to financially support their efforts. Please designate “Louisiana Flood Relief” as you give. 

5.       Go. We are working on planning a trip to Louisiana in the upcoming weeks to help with flood relief work. Consider joining us or supporting these efforts financially. Our first group trip is planned the weekend of October 21 – 24. If you are interesting in joining us on the trip or for any other information, please contact Scott Stuart at college@1stpc.org or Fred Lundy at youngadult@1stpc.org.  

And once again – thanks for your willingness to help!



Dr. Robert Shettler, Pastor

Glorify God, Make Disciples of Jesus Christ and Meet Human Needs.

Acts 16:5 So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.